Vitamin C || Top 12 Healthy Vitamin C Rich Fruits And Foods

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    What fruit is highest in vitamin C?

    Vitamin C is known as ascorbic acid. Vitamin c helps the human body to get rid of chronic diseases including germs.

    The vitamin c foods are between sour foods, green vegetables, and fresh fruits. These three types of sources provide more vitamin A and vitamin C.

    How much vitamin C should I take every day? RDA (recommended daily allowance) Researchers say that 75 to 250 mg of vitamin C fruits and vegetables should be eaten daily. But there is a possibility of loss if it is more than a certain level.

    Vitamin-C: Minimum 25 mg (for infants). 35 mg (for adults). 50 mg (for pregnant and maternity women). Maximum 250 mg.

    Guide: To Be sure consult a better doctor.

    12 Healthy foods that are high in vitamin C list:

    Sour fruit!

    The sour fruit is rich in vitamin C. Sour fruits such as lemons, grapes, mangoes, and so on. 250 ml of lemon juice is useful to meet the daily requirement of vitamin C.


    Pineapple is a good source of vitamin C and beneficial in meeting the demand for vitamin A. Vitamin c pineapple juice also helps to keep the body's compound cells well. One cup of pineapple juice should be consumed daily to make up for the vitamin deficiency.


    Tomatoes contain high levels of vitamin C. Not only that, it contains vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B, and other ingredients. You can put tomato juice or fruit on the daily food list. 75 mg of vitamin C is found in every 100 g of tomato.

    Broccoli or cauliflower!

    Green vegetables Broccoli or cauliflower contain high levels of vitamin C. Every 100 grams of broccoli contains 90 mg of vitamin C. Add broccoli or cauliflower to your diet as vitamin C to enhance body beauty.


    Guava is useful in increasing immunity. Because guava has all the qualities of a food supply. Vitamin c in guava fruit benefits helps reduce the risk of cancer, control diabetes, control blood pressure.

    Guava fruit contains a high amount of vitamin c. Vitamin C in guava per 100g  of raw guava contains 226.3 mg of vitamin C. This can meet about 265% of the vitamin c needs of an adult.


    Cabbage contains 100-120 mg of vitamin C per 100 g. Which meets an adult's daily requirement of 145% of vitamin C.

    Raw vitamin C benefits

    Raw peppers are rich in vitamin C. 242.5 mg of vitamin C per 100 grams of nutrients. And red pepper contains 145 milligrams of vitamin C per 100 grams.


    Although ripe papaya is rich in vitamin A, it contains 80 mg of vitamin c per 100mg of papaya (vitamin c in papaya fruit benefits). Which helps to increase our immunity.

    Orange, lemon, and Amalaki

    Sour fruits are an important source of vitamin C. The body's immune system plays a huge role. The nutritional value of these fruits. Such as protecting free radical cells (vitamin c Amalaki fruit benefits).


    Strawberries are a good source of vitamin C. Strawberries contain 59 mg of vitamin c per century. Which helps us to make up for most of our vitamin deficiencies.

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