Vitamin D || Top 7 Healthy Vitamin D Fruits And Vegetables 2021

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    Best Sources Of Vitamin D In Foods:

    Vitamin-D is a soluble sequestered fat. Its main function is to inactivate calcium from the intestines of the body.

    According to experts, vitamin-D helps build bones in children. In the absence of this, the bones are bent and the bone structure is obstructed.

    And in the elderly, the bones become softer, Alzheimer's disease, asthma problems are seen (vitamin d deficiency symptoms).

    Current researchers say that a major source of vitamin D is found in sunlight. Vitamin D is also found in some foods such as fish, milk, eggs, etc.

    So, the researcher advice is to add vitamin D to your daily diet to maintain good health (vitamin d foods).

    Amazing 7 healthy vitamin d fruits and vegetables name:


    Oily fish are high in vitamin-D. Especially in fatty fish like salmon, sardines, tuna, and mackerel, etc (vit d fish oil).

    Moreover, almost all types of fish have more or less vitamin D.  A ‘Tuna Fish’ capable of replenishing more than half of our daily vitamin-D is useful.


    China produces 2.8 to 3 kilograms of mushrooms per capita for a population of one billion people. Each year, making it the world's largest food producer (vitamin d mushroom).

    Every 100 grams of mushrooms contains 18-20 mg of vitamin-D. Put mushrooms in the daily food list as a vitamin D alternative.

    Preserved orange juice!

    There are some brands of juices in food processing in the market. Vitamin D is added to make this juice.

    Orange juice can retain more vitamin D than other juices. So good brand juice can be eaten to meet the demand.

    Note: Be sure to check the ingredients before taking preserved orange juice.


    Eggs contain small amounts of vitamin D as animal feed. You can put 2-3 boiled eggs on the food list to meet the demand for vitamin D.

    But if you have high blood pressure, and high cholesterol problems, you should be careful about eating egg yolks.

    Note Egg white vitamin d benefits.

    Animal food!

    Vitamin-D is obtained from the liver of cattle or other animals as animal food. Put animal or bird liver on your diet to meet the needs of vitamin d animal fat.

    Also, animal milk is a source of vitamin D. Which you can take as a smooth food on your food list.


    In the age of modern technology, one of the major problems of vitamin D deficiency is not being exposed to sunlight. Natural sunlight is a great source of vitamin D.

    Researchers say that to meet the need for vitamin D, at least 1-2 times a week in the sun for 30-45 minutes (vitamin d from sunlight).

    Sunflower seeds!

    Sunflower seeds naturally contain vitamin D and beneficial proteins. This nutrient is obtained by crushing the sunflower seed oil vitamin d.

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